How I get started with an open content

When I look back, I suppose that it was over 10 years ago when I started blogging about interesting teaching and online pedagogy topics. I wanted to share my knowledge with other teachers and enrich it through community.

Over these years I have tried to increase the scope of openness by sharing my materials, using open teaching environments etc.  Few years ago I had (together with my colleague) an opportunity to design a cMOOC for teachers. It was an experience and we dis some research as well. Here you can find the list of articles 

Latest open education innovation have been totally open teacher education guidance and scaffolding blog for our student teachers. All resources and all study module processes are open, only quick messaging is in the Slack.

At the moment I m doing my PhD about dialogical collaborative knowledge construction in open digital learning environments in the context of teacher education.

So how open I am as a teacher?

  • I share my materials and presentations with CC licence
  • I use OA publications when publishing my research articles  (if it is possible)
  • I use open digital teaching environments
  • I encourage student teacher use ePortfolios through their studies (I working and II show case)
  • I use digital sources in my teaching as much its possible
  • I spread the ideology of the licencing materials